So, You’re Considering a Destination Wedding Package For a Beach Wedding!

More and more couples each year are making the decision to add some adventure into their lives and into their wedding by traveling to a romantic destination to tie the knot.

Destination wedding packages exist for every romantic venue you can imagine, whether it’s a famous hotel in Italy, a chateau in France, or a mountain top in New Zealand, there is a romantic destination to suit everyone’s dreams. One of the most popular and affordable venues for tying the knot turns out to be the beach. That’s right, a beach wedding!

Many, many couples and their families consider it to be the most romantic wedding destination of all. There are plenty of locations for romantic beach weddings to choose from, like the wonderfully colonial Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Saint Jean de Luz on the Basque Coast in France, or the beautiful archipelago nation of Seychelles, but if you want to put away your passport and remain in the United States, there is really only one choice, it’s Coronado Beach on beautiful Coronado Island in San Diego, California!

It’s accessible by bridge or by land so there is no need to board a boat to get there. Although there is a darling ferry that leaves downtown San Diego nearly every hour most times of the year. Coronado Beach is one of the most sought after locations for beach weddings in the United States. The views are picture perfect with the ocean on one side and the fabulous world famous Hotel Del Coronado on the other. It’s so very picturesque, you’ll want to make sure you have a great photos that capture the images and memories of your day. It’s the perfect location for romantic beach weddings, the climate in San Diego is wonderful year round, as it rarely gets below 60 degrees.

Fees for destination wedding packages vary with the destination, the actual wedding location and the services you would like, as well as the size of your group. Beach weddings can be a real bargain when you compare them to the cost of a traditional wedding ceremony in your neighborhood church or hotel. There are many variations of packages to choose from, which means that there are destination wedding packages suited to everyone’s needs. You’ll want to be sure to double check to see what your package includes. For example, will your wedding package include transportation, airline tickets, hotel, food, beverage and tips? Or just the actual wedding day package with ceremony, flowers, photography? Most all destination wedding packages can be found on-line, and you should use common sense when selecting and hiring a service to work with.

In the end, a destination wedding can mean being able to have such a wonderfully charming wedding and still have money to begin your new life together. This can mean a lot to couples who are just starting out, no matter what the economy is like. With so many new couples looking for ways to stretch their budgets, beach weddings are the right choice for starting a new life together as husband and wife. In short, you can have a lovely wedding ceremony performed in a wonderfully romantic exotic location with all the trimmings for much less than you might think.

Couples from all over the world come to the pristine island in Southern California, called Coronado Island, to vacation, honeymoon and to actually to tie the knot and begin their journey through life together. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect or delightful beginning to this new chapter in your life than being married on the beach in this picture perfect postcard setting. It’s such a great place to be married if you have romance in your heart, a budget in mind and you want to experience the ultimate in destination weddings, this could be the place for you too!

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